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Attended Sinjuns from 1949-1954 and am trying to contact Tony Hunt and John Clemments from that era. I think Tony is living in Somerset.Second try with new e-mail address here in the U.S. Great site. Keep it up.
John Wolstencroft <>
Bluffton, South Carolina U.S.A. - Friday, January 09, 2009 at 14:05:22 (PST)

At Sinjuns 1942/1945 in Godalming staying with the Rev. Havard Jones and his wife at the Retreat Chalk Rd. Many of my teachers were pictured in old school photos of my two uncles who also went to Sijuns in 1925/1935 period.
David Stiles <>
Warlingham, Surrey United Kingdom - Friday, January 16, 2009 at 06:45:36 (PST)

I was there 1966 after leaving st Marys Vicridge Crescent,passing the 11 plus,with two others Brian Hyman,and Robert Ryan.Went on to a career as a bricklayer.
robert cook <>
biggin hill england - Thursday, February 05, 2009 at 04:37:18 (PST)

Incarcerated in Battersea High Street September 1950 to July 1955. Have few memories of the school but do remember being VERY bored most of the time! Good mates included Les Pitt, Mark Goodson, Roy Lavis (always designing weird machines), David Parry and Trevor Pilcher. Only claim to fame- got one of the lowest marks ever in my GCE Mock exam in Geometry!
Ken Fisher <>
Kings Lynn, Norfolk UK - Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 07:54:27 (PST)

Me? 66-73. It's funny what you find on google. Recognised a few names and associated memories. Chris Borasinski. Violin? Pawnshop? Roger Gilford. Home brewed beer? Alan C Collins? Best record collection? Peter Chapman. The same Peter C whom Valerie told to stop 'fumbling'? A few others, some not here: Jerry March, last seen about 15 years ago working for the Local Govt 'trade rag'; John Roles last spotted about the same time heading south west (I think) as a teacher; Dave Gilford, last heard of as an Elim minister in Surrey and Ovais Kadri, as a co-founder(?) of Tara Arts, in London. For the 1966 first years, can anyone name the kneeling indivdual at or correct my memory for the others? And if anyone is interested in a photograph of Roger and Jerry 'mincing' their way through the post Zigger Zagger party in St Mary's crypt, just post a comment on the above blogpost:) I've got one of the lovely Beverley too :) And I've still got Bob (Fritz) Taylor's copy of Jacques Prevert's 'Paroles' on the bookshelf but it's even better to know that 'Winky' finally got his come-uppance, thank God I never did biology!
Malcolm Goodson <>
London, - Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 06:19:27 (PST)

Forget the mystery man (boy) - I think it's Alan Roberts
Malcolm Goodson <>
London, - Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 10:20:48 (PST)

I have just discovered this site. Was at the School 1947-1953.Was C.S.M in the Cadet Corps with David Humber and remember his brother joining the Guards and visiting the School as an instructor. Have very fond memories of my time, with recall for Major Algie Haythorn in charge of the CCF. Alfred Stripp teaching me maths very well, Mr.Jackson giving me a good understanding of Physical Geography, Dr.Band trying unsuccessfully to teach me latin- his favourite saying was the classroom should be the "halls of silence and the realms of work". V.C.Osborne who excelled with his mastery of english literature-he left me with an appreciation of Paradise Lost and a little of Shakespear. J.G.R.Redmayne who fought valiently to teach a somewhat disruptive group but left me with memorories of the Great Western Railway after a conducted visit to Swindon, and later to the St.Johns family home at Lydiard Tregoze from where I still recall much of the family history(years later I lived in Bedford and discovered the village of Bletsoe - my house at school. When I left school I joined the Bank of British West Africa, did my National Service with the East Surrey Regiment, and soon after that went to the Gold Coast(Ghana) in West Africa for some six years. Back in the UK I took a job in secondary banking, left financial services generally in 1997 and bought a Guaest House and Tea Rooms near Yeovil and retired to Wincanton in 2003 and eventually migrated to Spain in 2004 where I currently live with my wife on the Costa Calida, just south of Alicante. If there is anyone of my era at the school in this part of Spain it would be interesting to make contact. My brother Jimmy Jones is in contact with Sinjins Lodge through his position in Masonery, and lives in Dorking.
Lloyd Jones <>
Mazarron, Murcia Spain - Monday, March 09, 2009 at 04:55:11 (PST)

Elwyn Dawkins is still a big fat nonce. He minces around all day sticking his big fat nose in where its not wanted. He must weigh 24 stone now and he still oozes a stinking greasy slim that infect all that are unfortunate enough to get near him. Interesting to here he was a trainee nonce at school. We'll get the boys to sort him out in the showers. Eric (Fingers) McGuire
Eric (Fingers) McGuire <>
East Wing, HMP Peterbrough - Saturday, March 21, 2009 at 07:36:53 (PST)

Great site keep it up feller. I was there between 1980-1985 (When i turned up that is) Never kept intouch with any of my mates from there. If you know me feel free to email me.
Edward Byrne <>
Warrnambool, Victoria Australia - Monday, April 06, 2009 at 01:52:09 (PDT)

I started at Sinjuns in 1968 through to 1974 and was in LT as it was fondly known then. I played football in the 2nd IX and was wicket keeper in the 1st IX of the cricket team for a few years. Great times and memories, including the ATC hut (for a clue drop me an email) because I think I know!! Some of my class mates I can fondly remember were Russel Jackson, Stephen Waterman, David Rogers, Graham Casey, George Bishop, Tony Jarvis, Warren Lapper, Stephen Dempsey (sorry about the Swan), Steve Wasp, Alan Penfold, Rob Foreman, Derek Pooley, John Hayward, Richard Neville, Ronnie Gray, Les Ward, George Shaw and a few others who I can only now remember their last names. Teachers, Nobby Clarke (head), Chippy Smith (TD and woodwork), Thunderguts (English), Acker (?), Fritzy Taylor (French) along with Madame Lenoir (assistant -oh yeah baby), Mr Simmons (Music - told me I was tone deaf), Mr Merdith (Hedges - ?), Mr Dixon (Art and 'substances'), Mr Tomas (The Slipper) and of course Trog (who retired whilst I was at the school. I'd love to hear from someone.
John Cox <>
Norwich, Norfolk - Monday, April 06, 2009 at 10:21:14 (PDT)

Hi everyone-At SInjuns70-76.Need another reunion for our class methinks
Jimmy Gibb <>
uk - Friday, April 10, 2009 at 13:21:23 (PDT)

John Cox! The hottest cherries in Christendom, I remember. I sent you an email, but it bounced.
George Shaw <>
East Sussex - Friday, April 17, 2009 at 10:13:13 (PDT)

Attended Sinjuns 1959 to 65 with my twin brother Ken. I'm now Editor of the Sinjuns Gazette and would be glad to have any reminisences which could be included in the next edition of the Gazette - as long as they're printable! I can't believe that it's 50 years this year that I joined but if anyone from 59 wants to meet for a 50th reunion the annual reunion dinner is on Friday October 2nd at the school.
Tony Ashby <>
London, UK - Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 11:20:04 (PDT)

Since making an entry in the guestbook in March of this year I have been browsing some of the entries and note that the Old Boys Magazine may still be being published. Many years ago when I lived in Ghana, West Africa, I remember joining the OBA and receiving the magazine for a period of time. I also paid for life membership of the Association, but after returning to the UK in the early 1960's the connection with the OBA was lost. I also have some recall that I paid 5 for my life membership but then heard that there were financial strains in managing the Association and calling on members for support. I don't think I responded at that time - too busy with a new, growing family, and trying to make a career in banking in the UK after the freedoms of Overseas Banking!! Can anyone direct me to contact with the OBA today? My browsing took me to an entry here from I think Peter Humber, who appears to have settled into some local Council activity in Somerset, as a Liberal(or have I got David and Peter mixed up?) I do remember attending a meeting while at School promoting Proportional Representation( a Liberal main plank cause)in which Humber senior played a leading part. I never succumbed to the persuasion but was interested to note that his school activity might have held into his more mature life! This Sinjuns site is proving to be a very enjoyable pastime now I am in retirement in Spain.
Lloyd. W. J Jones <>
Mazarron, Murcia Spain - Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 08:50:15 (PDT)

Bill (William Kenneth) Gardner/ pupil from about 1940. My father-in-law (Bill) attended Sir Walter St.Johns when evacuated to Godalming to Charter House School. If you remember him I would love to hear from you as I am collecting memories for his 80th birthday this May 10th 2009.He would have attended from around 1940 onwards. Hope to hear from you soon!! Sandie.
Sandie Gardner <>
Dorking, Surrey UK - Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 05:08:54 (PDT)

At 'Sinjuns' briefly from about 1951/2 until a move by my parents to Morden which made for a long day with the travelling made me decide to change schools to Raynes Park County Grammar. I have always maintained that had I stayed I would have done better ! Found this website by accident, but I am glad I did. My only real memory is of the school hall. The only name I recall was Brian Clarke, who joined with me I think from Tranmere road school Wandsworth.
David Pond <>
Bracknell, Berks U.K. - Monday, May 11, 2009 at 07:28:22 (PDT)

An odd coincidence I just remembered while I was checking out the guestbook. I was at Sinjuns 1969 - 1975, and apart from going back to the school about a year later to see some friends, I never even went near that part of Battersea until just before Xmas 2007 when I went to a gig at a place called Le Quecumbar. Most of you may remember it better as the Original Woodman, next door to the school. Just before the gig I went down to the school gates for the first time in thirty years to show my partner the old stomping ground. She wasn't wildly impressed and it was f'in freezing. So we went to the gig. About half an hour into it I got an email on my (cursed) blackberry. It was from an Anthony Oram, a pupil of the school 1974-79, although our paths had never crossed. He had come across my name in this guestbook and emailed me on the off chance I might be able to help him with a problem he had validating the qualifications he gained at school! Needless to say, it was fortunate I was in a bar and so able to steady my nerves after this extraordinary coincidence.
Gary Williams <>
London, UK - Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 08:20:09 (PDT)

Hampshire England - Sunday, June 07, 2009 at 21:46:42 (PDT)

I attended Sinjuns between 1950-1956 in my last year i was captain of Grandison at cricket,football @ swimming also took 10 wickets for 7 runs a school record @re-introduced fives which had ceased to be played i found a teacher who knew the rules of rugby fives & teamed up with a pupal called roberts & we played for sinjuns with grest success which is probably why i failed all my exams accept history i have looked through the guest book for 1950-1956 but did not see any names that i reconised names that i remember were tony byatt, mike club, don lee,jeff lee & bailey
Colin Lewin <>

At school '56 to'61
Barry Sheppard <>
New Malden - Monday, June 08, 2009 at 09:51:32 (PDT)

Was at Sinjuns 1964-71 Remember lots of guys such as John Goodacre, Terry Wright, Pete Welch, Tony Usher, Brian Goodwin, Tim Murari, Chris Emery , Alan Buckett , Les Philby , Steve Ralphs , Chris Alderton and more....I live in Aus now and have a great life...get in touch if you remember me...Richard Webb
Richard Webb <>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Friday, June 19, 2009 at 22:26:54 (PDT)

There was a recent reunion of old Sinjuns who attended the school between 1953 and 1960. Those present were Geoff D'Vaz, Steve Roy, Dave Snelgrove, Mike Spencer, Paul Stalder, Peter Racher and Roy West. The evening was so successful that further reunions are envisaged particularly next year as it will be the 50th anniverary since we left the school. We would like to increase the numbers so if there is anyone out there from that era who is interested in a get together please get in touch with me. We are especially interested in seeking the whereabouts of Ray Parker, Tony Howick and Jim Monteith.
Roy West <>
Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset UK - Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 02:56:01 (PDT)

Just found the web site and your notes. I was there from 1960-66 ish and your mentioning of the class dimwit/bully reminded me. Of course I remember the PE teacher that was a sadist in my mind also. I can't remember many classmate names but some of the others that you mention ring distant bells.. John Pavey, George Edwards are two that I hung out with. I was the school cross country captain for a while around 65/66 and loved playing bridge in the sixth form common room. There was a boy that played a "Russian" guitar type thing I seem to remember. I'm sorry that I don't remember your name. I was in Bolingbrook if that helps. I'm still trying to remember the Technical drawing masters name Ron Battie? However I do remember the best in my mind, maths teacher Mr Ducket I think his name was and the worst whose name was Mr Gillette. I live in Texas now. All the best Pete Kenny.
Pete kenny <>
Denton, Texas USA - Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 21:52:18 (PDT)

I attended in the dim past, 1949 - 53. Ihad to leave at age 15 due to parents busting up. I became a butchers boy, a job I loathed. My Mum got religion! I was 'saved' by an American evangelist. I eventually managed to get my O levels. The I wen to this American College and got a BA. I went to the States and ended up at Penn State University, and got a degree in psychology. I am afrai I out grew the religion in question and dumped it, it was too narrow. But I still count myself as a Christian - perhaps those morning services at Sinjuns had an effect on me! The 'Old Man' Wharton I believe his name was, he wore these huge pebble eye glasses and you could never know what he was thinking because you could not see his eyes. My mate at the time was Ronnie Rix, who was repeatedly caned by Wharton for being late for school. I always wondered what happened to Ronnie, and if any one knows please advise. Another mate was Adrian Goodyear, who lived on the same street I did Forthbridge Rd in Battersea. Well I live in this obscure town called catonsville, and work in a nearby hospital as a psychologist. It is good money and not a bad place to live. At present the temperature is 85 farenheit, mand is mostly in the 90's. Ihave 3 married kids here so have kind of settled down, but am still a British ctizen. I would not mind getting back to London but property prices are too high, so I go there to visit. Glad to have found this website - actually my daughter found it for me and I was dumbfounded. Be glad to hear from anyone who remembers those days.
ted pettit <tedboy@net>
catonsville, maryland usa - Tuesday, August 04, 2009 at 17:41:51 (PDT)

Hi Dan Harrington I was at Sinjuns from 1947 till 1951.Finished up in 5C,my class master was Dr Walker who also taught History. He had the habit of chewing his tounge when teaching & striding around the class room to make his point! Many of my class mates come to mind although I am now in my seventies( Where have the years gone). Class mates:- Clanger Clasbey,Tex Moore, Bob Hopper( with two PP's)Edgar Pritchard( May we have our ball back) after kicking it over the wall next to the rifle range!! Edgar was the son of The Mayor of Battersea.Ernie Ryan. Mertins who we all laught at when he said "One day we will put a man on the moon" How wrong can you be. This guy also collected Key's by the hundred.My hobby was Fag Cards & Marbles. Some of The Masters:- Head Master Dr Wharton Maths Masters: Strip,Pete State(ex Old Boy) Physics/Chemistry:- Dr Cavell & Dr Pine Music Master: Mr Kelly & Mr Moore Geography:- MR Aston English:- Dr Osbourne History:- Dr Nicholls & Dr Walker I played Football 2nd Eleven & was Captain of Cricket 2nd Eleven. All the Best to all OBA Members Dan Harrington
derek( DAN) Harrington
- Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 10:39:32 (PDT)

Hi Derek (DAN) Harrington At Sinjuns from 1947 till 1951. Played football 2nd eleven & was Captain of 2nd eleven Cricket team.My house was Lydiard.Played our home games on Trinity Fields,Wandsworth. Heading for my 74th Birthday in November this year. Where have all the years gone? Best Wishes to all OBA Members Dan Harrington
- Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 13:21:04 (PDT)

you really need to sort out your forums they are FULL of dodgy spam!
claire driver <>
- Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 14:31:25 (PDT)

Hi Tex Tried to get you on E-Mail .Couldn't get through if you read this on Guestbook try my E-mail address instead. Hope to hear from you at some stage. DAM Sinjuns O.B.A. 1947 to 1951.
Derek ( DAN ) Harringfon <>
Bewdley, Worces, u.k, - Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 23:27:29 (PDT)

Hello Dan Harrington, We must have been together at Sinjuns and the names you mention, such as Pritchard, son of the Mayor of Battersea, I do remember. I also remember Merhtens. I last saw him at a Old Sinjuns Lodge Meeting several years ago. One of my activities at school in my early year was to look after the refreshment needs of the Staff during lunch breaks. I was rewarded with a book token and purchased a general knowledge book on "How and why things work". I still have the book with the signatures and comments of all of the staff at the time:- Alfred Stripp, Algie Haythorne, V.C.Osborne, J.D.Roberts, F.Smallwood(Chips), J.G.R.Redmayne, E.Ashton, Miss Highton, Mr.Broadbent(Physical Education), Mr.Kelly and E.C.Moore(Music), Dr.Pine and Dr.Cavel(Physics and Chemistry. I must look out the book and perhaps try to reproduce the page of signatures in full, as like you Dan Harrington, I am in my 73rd year and need all the memory aids in my recollection mode. My real keeness at school was for the Cadet Corps and left as Company Sergeant Major under the guidance of Major Haythorne I spent many enjoyable hours at Camp in Crowthorn and Pirbright, and remember a School Anniversary march past on the playing fields in front of Field Marshal "Jumbo" Wilson. Although things were changing at Sinjuns during my stay I have alawys looked back on my time with pleasure, and for this reason find this site enjoyable to browse from time to time. Lloyd Jones, Mazarron, Murcia, Spain e.mail
Lloyd W.J.Jones <>
Mazarron, Murcia Spain - Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 07:10:55 (PDT)

was at sinjuns 1949 -1953, had State as form maste 1c[lowest of the low!] and was terrified of him. Also had Stripp for maths - equaly terrified of his mood changes - convinced that they were all bi polar maniacs and sadists!I never amopunted to much and left when I was 15, but did et back to education later in the USA and did OK. I really liked the mon night swimming club. Reading the recent entries certainly brought back memories of teachers who chewd their tongue as they talked, and old Cox who was always on about Barbados. But the worst class was with Statey on Thurs. am, WOODWORK! I still have PTSD over it. I managed to make a rickety book stand. Be glad to hear from anybody of those days.
ted pettit <>
catonsville, maryland usa - Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 11:38:37 (PDT)

I certainly remember some of the aforementioned teachers, especially State who was my formaster in 1c - lowest of the low, where they put all the losers. Also later Stripp for maths. I am convinced that they were bi polar as they had massive mood swings. The ultimate test for terror was Statey on Thues am with WOODWORK! There was no place to hide and he was always practising his forehand shot of handball on the behinds of kids who f -up, like using a screwdriver for a chisel. Stripp could be all sweetness and light, in fact he was an excellent math teacher, making the class fascinating, unless his mood changed! Then it was stand up that boy there! Because his hand was all twisted up with arthritis you could never figure out who he was pointing to, so you just stood up anyway hoping for the best - other wise he would go ape shit.It would then be Go and get the cane and book! And could he lay it on! Then he would be OK again - untill next time! Such happy days, I still have PTSD over it. I especialy liked the Mon night swimming club. They had some really good swimmers like a bloke called Quinnel who had a terrific action and always won. Be glad to hear from anybody from those times.
ted pettit <>
catonsville, maryland usa - Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 12:04:04 (PDT)

It is interesting how others are viewed. I never experienced P.W.State in any teaching capacity. However, I came to regard A.G.Stripp with the very highest of regard. He taught Maths to the very highest order, and I have never forgotten his teaching of Pythagoras's Theory, or his teaching of geometry generally. I have long rgarded his moral and personal codes with admiration, and never experienced any serious anger from him. The intake of 1947 did in fact test the patience of many of the staff at that time, as can be explained in the article written by J.D.Roberts for the School Magazine, and avaible to read on this site. How sad that a man of his caliber could have become so disallusioned over time at Sinjuns? Traditional values were held very high when the School returned from evacuation at Godalming but the widening intake following the Education Act of 1944 tested those values, and eventually led to the political decision to close Sinjuns, which will forever be a regretable act. On a positive note there is much to praise this site and its ability to remind us of many things that were good about Sir Walter St John's School in Battersea, and to bring people together from many parts of the world to reminisce in this way. Lloyd Jones(1947-1953)
Lloyd Jones <>
Mazarron, Murcia Spain - Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at 06:41:34 (PDT)

At Sinjuns 71-76 went to a reunion many years ago now wondered if there were any others planned. If anyone remembers me and wants to get in touch you can contact me on 07966190428 0r
Dave Prodrick <>
Crowborough, East Sussex UK - Friday, August 28, 2009 at 16:11:06 (PDT)

Derek( DAN ) Harrington 1947---1951. I thought you might like to hear about one of our half term holidays at School. Some of us deceided to go down to Battersea Park for a row in one of their boats. The only trouble was there were six of us & you were only allowed Three to a boat,we cycled to the boating Lake where three of us paid to get in for a ride,myself ,Edgar Pritchard & Clanger Clasby. Edgar rowed around the other side of the Lake & picked up the rest of our mob.The object of the exercise was to land on the Island in the middle.We managed to make it the idea was to look for duck eggs. Clasby was on the front of the boat & was just about to step onto dry land when a Park Keeper saw us & told us to get off the Island!! Edgar pulled on the oar & Clasby over balanced falling into the water. Edgar roared with laughter as water ran down his face & glasses- Clanger sat in the boat rung through & cried as to what his Mum would say when he arrived back home. A DAY TO REMEMBER.
- Monday, September 07, 2009 at 10:27:44 (PDT)

Derek(DAN) Harrington 1947------1951 @ SINJUNS It was in the winter time ,just before Firework night,when Dr Cavell said he would show us how to make fireworks.He gave us the amounts to use for the best effect,including iron fillings to make them sparkle! TEX Moore & myself went down to the local Chemist Shop & bought the saltpeter charcoal & made a bag of the stuff I was living at 24,Henning Street at the time & we placed the bag of Gunpowder in the middle of the road & Set light to it .At that time there weren't many cars about but this night three came along one behind the other & had to stop until the bag had burnt itself out-----No big Bang but we had a large hole in the road & three choked off drivers waiting to get passed!! The sequel to this story was a few weeks later Dr.Cavell & Dr.Pine went into the Chemistry Lab around about Lunch time .There was one very loud explosion & the both came out looking the worst for wear.!!! Happy Days.
Derek( Dan ) Harrington <>
- Monday, September 07, 2009 at 10:46:11 (PDT)

Great to see many of the old boys looking for their compatriots. Did you know that Sinjuns Lodge meets in the old school hall? If you qualify, then get the details from Great Queens Street. A great bunch of people who will make your visit truly memorable.
Chas Foulsham <>
Sutton, Surrey - Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 09:56:13 (PDT)

HI Derek( DAN ) Harrington at SINJUNS 191947--1951. A few memories of one of our Music Lessons in the far distant passed with Mr. KELLY the Music Master at the time. It was through him that I found Classical Music which I still Love to-day.It was the first time I had heard Handels "Water Music " & also Grieg's Peer Gynt " THE HALL of THE MOUNTAIN KING".Mr Kelly always sharpened the needle which was made of wood on a speceial sharpening tool. We had ben set some homeworkfor the following week if I remember it was the difference between a Quaver & a Semi-Quaver? Needless to say only two boys knew the answer both were learning the piano at the time & were told to sit away from the rest of us.AA Twenty Six of us didn't know the answer & I had to go down to the Head-Masters Study & bring back the cane & Punishment Book.We were all given Two Strokes with the cane & our Names went into the Book,with the words from Mr Kelly saying" THIS IS GOING TO HURT ME MORE THAN YOU" !!! I Don't Think So. DAN
England - Friday, September 18, 2009 at 08:50:05 (PDT)

I too remember Mr.Kelly, and his passion for what he called descriptive music. He treasured his records and would never use the steel needles, which he scorned. The ritual of sharpening his wooden needle, winding the gramaphone and dusting his record before play is well remembered. The record I remember best, and Mr.Kelly's description of the tale, is The Sorcerer's Apprentice. He also left me with a fondness for Classical music, and I am always looking for the story behind the music. Gerald Moore took over music from Mr.Kelly and introduced us all to orchestral instrumwents. I started to learn the cello but dropped out quite soon. I did however engage with the recorder and several of us would go with Mr.Moore on a Saturday to the Royal College of Music in, I think, Marylebone Road,in London where we enjoyed a wide variety of playing. I still have my recorder although must admit that I havn't played it for years. School days at Sinjuns were for me very happy and memorable, although I must admit to not being a high academic achiever, but I have retained a confidence to acquit myself adequately in anything I sought to achieve, for which I am grateful to Sinjuns.
Lloyd Jones <>
Mazarron, Murcia Spain - Monday, September 21, 2009 at 07:10:17 (PDT)

Reading John Bayley's memoir of Iris Murdoch "Iris" I learned that his brother Michael (Iris's brother-in-law) worked on the restoration of the church of Lydiard Tregoze in Wiltshire.
Lev Davidovitch Bronstein <>
- Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 12:00:41 (PDT)

Hi Derek(DAN )Harrington SINJUNS 1947--1952. Just a few memories before my memory goes!I remember Peter State as my Woodwork Master,an ex Old Boy in years gone by.I remember making a book stand & also a cigarette box with a veneer finish.I was awful at woodwork but I was given a prize on Founders Day up at Battersea Town Hall. The cigarette box when I got it home I deceided to fill it with St.Julien Tobbaco which my Uncle smoked.I also bought a pipe & put a bit of apple to keek it fresh! I then sat down for a smoke----My mother found me& said I had turned green in the face!!I went to bed for three days---and never smoked from that day to this.I had been taking the smoke down in my lungs I was told You shouldn't do that?
DAN Harrington <>
england - Saturday, September 26, 2009 at 10:42:41 (PDT)

Hi OLD SINJUNS From Derek(DAN ) Harrington 1947--1952 AD Sitting down thinking about SPORTS DAY at School. I remember running at The Duke of Yorks H.Q.Chelsea.My main event was the 100yds & 220yds. Two of my friends at the time were "SPUD" Murphy & Peter(MILLIE ) Driver who werwe both Mile distance runners.Peter went on to become an English International runner but sad to say he was to die at the early age of twenty-nine. He knew both Gordon & Peter Pirrie who were competing at the same time. We finished up running at the sports field in Battersea Park to save being taken over to Chelsea. IF anyone can remember any of the above I would like to hear your comments on Guestbook!!
Dan Harrington
worcestershire England.UK - Saturday, October 03, 2009 at 09:02:12 (PDT)

mick roe (at School 1949-1956) - another Reunion Dinner has come and gone. A great night was had by all and a huge thanks to all concerned with the arrangements. I was very pleased to meet up with John Wolstencroft, in from South Carolina for a long weekend, whom I hadn't seen since he left in '54-lots to catch up with. It was a pity that my year was represented by only John, Tony Hunt and myself - perhaps we'll get a better turnout next year. I will be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me (fondly or otherwise). Is anybody in contact with Ronnie Parrish who would have joined a year or so before me? Kindest regards to all Sinjuns. (
mick roe <>
rayleigh , essex uk - Monday, October 05, 2009 at 05:48:29 (PDT)

I think I actually attended the Sports Day mentioned. I have one vivd memory of the boy who was captain of Grandison who was running a long distance race. He got cramp in his side but instead of packing it in he kept running in agony and finished the race last, but we all gave him a cheer for his gutsy performance. Reminds me of the old poem, Play up, play the game! I forget the guys name now, but it was very impressive at the time.
ted pettit <>
catonsville, maryland usa - Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 10:14:47 (PDT)

At the time I thought I was learning about great british traditions. Then I realised it was just some indoctrinatory crap trying to persuade me to go to into the City or the armed forces. looking back forty years it seems funny how they were trying to turn working class yobs into middle class snobs - and i suppose they did succeed in the short term, but surely no one grew up believing all that crap?(strangely i got on best with JD Roberts, old Thunderguts) If i was a bit brighter i would have left a lot earlier. The only good thing was the sausage sandwiches at the cafe just along the road - the Two bells ? Ten bells? I think Sinjuns made an impression on me - one I have been trying to get rid of ever since.
Lloyd Mills <>
- Saturday, December 19, 2009 at 16:42:53 (PST)

Dan Harrington Old Sinjun 1948--1952 Wishing All Old Sinjuns A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2010. Just a few Memories of Chritmas Past at School! Just before breaking up for the Christmas Holidays we would go to the Parish Church of St. Marys. Being in the School Choir we would lead the singing of Traditional Carols during the Service. The Vicar if you can remember that far back was The Rev Stephan Hopkinson who was liked by everybody at School. The Service included readings from A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens. We were told under pain of Death not to sing While Shepherds Washed their Socks by night, but we still did!!! Best Wishes to one and all. Dan Harrington Aged 74!
Derek( DAN ) Harrington <>
U.K. - Wednesday, December 23, 2009 at 06:52:30 (PST)

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