The Staff

If there is one thing we all remember about being at Sinjuns, it is the staff. Be those memories good, bad, or fuzzy, we all remember these people who had such an influence on our lives. This section is dedicated to those men and women who played such a great role in forming our future.

The pages are broken down into several sections, the records have been extracted from the excellent book by Frank T. Smallwood, MA, FA, "A History Of Sir Walter St. John's School Battersea, 1700 - 1986", and from several editions of "The Gazette" and "The Sinjun"

As with every other part of this web site we are looking for input from old Sinjuns, to fill in the gaps. So, what are we looking for? In a lot of the cases all we have are the initials of the member of staff, so, can you fill in the full names?

Also, we would like to chronicle the "nick names" of the staff, as most pupils seem to remember these with more clarity than their true names! Finally, if anybody has any photographs of the staff we please e-mail them to us, along with a description and we will put them up for all to enjoy.

For more information on how to purchase the book "A History Of Sir Walter St. John's School Battersea, 1700 - 1986" please click on the link.

Masters of the School ~ 1700 - 1853

Head Masters of the School ~ 1853 - 1986

Normal Masters ~ 1840 - 1910

Pupil Teachers ~ 1854 - 1862

Assistant Masters ~ 1859 - 1986

Temporary Appointments ~ 1913 - 1967

Longest Serving Members of Staff

Office & Administration Staff